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Success Strategies for Real Internet Marketing Beginners

Pay-per-click Advertising or SEO?

Now, you have created and set up a professionally-looking website that you hope will make you money online. The next step is to make your website known to the community in the world wide web. It has to be visible and to be frequently targeted by web surfers and consumers alike.

There are basically two general strategies to promote your website so that the online community can visit your website and hopefully make them your potential customers.

Free Traffic by SEO

The first is by organic web traffic or free traffic through search engine optimization. About 70% of internet surfers actually resort to using search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN, to find and locate web sites for any topic they desire. Search engine optimization or SEO is that combination of processes you implement to ensure that your website would land among the top in a search engine results page. You don't get to spend any money for doing this if you do SEO on your own. The drawback is that normally search engine optimization process takes time, in some cases months before your desired outcome will result - that is landing your website in top search engine results pages.

Pay per click advertising

There is another very popular way to achieve a lot of web traffic instantly and this is achieved by paid traffic through pay per click or PPC. PPC are the sponsored listings that you see on the right of search engine results whenever you make a query. These are also the sponsored ads you see inside the websites you visit.

Bidding process in PPC

If you sponsor a paid listing on the search results pages, you will be charged whenever a visitor or web surfer click on any of the ads. The order in which your ad will be listed depends on how much you bid. In PPC, there is a bidding process. The highest bidder for the price per click will get the chance to be first in the sponsored ads listing in the search engine.

Advantages of PPC

With PPC advertising, you have basic control over your ad campaign from the creation of your ads, to your bid price as well as setting up the entire budget for your campaign so you don't overshoot. Most of the providers of PPC advertising will allow you to specify the target market, either by topic, industry or geographical location and even the time that your ads will appear.

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