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Real Vs. Artificial Christmas Trees

By Catherine Spelling, Fri Dec 9th

Putting up and decorating your Christmas tree is a holiday tradition which has been in effect for hundreds of years and will probably be in effect until the end of time. Choosing whether you want a real Christmas tree or an artificial Christmas tree is a dilemma which many of us face every year.There are many benefits to both forms of trees but there aremany disadvantages as well.

Here are a few things to consider when deciding which form of Christmas tree would be best suited for you and your family:

Artificial Christmas Trees

  • Artificial trees eliminate the hassle of having to find time to go and specially choose a Christmas tree from the lot.

  • Another great thing about artificial trees is they do not need to be watered and the needles will not fall off and create a mess in your house.

  • The money you will save by purchasing an artificialChristmas tree can be spent on more presents for your children or possibly other forms of decorations.

  • Artificial Christmas trees can be put up earlier and stay uplonger than real Christmas trees.

  • This type of tree is less of a fire hazard because theneedles are not real.

Real Christmas Trees

  • Real Christmas trees look more attractive and have a fragrance like pine needles. Some families live for the smell oftheir tree at Christmas time.

  • It is tradition for a number of families to go cut the tree. It's a family outing where you go and specifically choose theone you want every year.

  • Real Christmas trees pose a fire hazard when the branchesbecome dry and hot from the Christmas lights.

  • Real Christmas trees have to be maintained and well-kept.This includes watering and removing the dead needles which have fallen under the tree.

Ultimately the decision is yours and you will choose the kind of tree that best suits your family and your preferences. If you want a tree which requires very little maintenance then maybe an artificial one would be better suited for you.

Your Christmas will be wonderful regardless of the type of tree you choose because this holiday is about loving, giving and being thankful for what you have.

About the author:Catherine Spelling is a retired interior designer who now uses her decorating talents to make holidays an eye catching event.She is a freelance writer for - a site that offers tips for choosing Christmas ornaments, picking outChristmas lights and decorations and more.

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