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Decorating Your Christmas Tree With Meaning

By Tania Collins (MissTy), Fri Dec 9th

Do you remember the fun and excitement every year when decorating the Christmas tree? All the tinsel and silver baubles. What did they mean? Were they just pretty decorations? This year put meaning into your tree decorations. At the same time, teach your children the true meaning of Christmas.

First of all the tree. Normally an evergreen pine tree.The evergreen symbolizing the everlasting life we have in Christ. The green color is a symbol of new life and a fresh start.

Start with a string of white lights. These symbolize how Jesus came into the world to be a light to everyone.

Add a string of colored lights. These symbolize the different people and nations of the world. Also that Christ told us to be a light for the rest of the world.

Gold tinsel indicates that we are royalty. Children of the King of Kings.

Now add candy canes. There is a lot of symbolism hidden in a simple candy cane. The cane is like the Shepard's crooks.Christ came as the Shepard for his flock. He was also the lamb led to the cross for us. Then the colors red and white. Christ shed his blood (red) to wash us as white as snow (white). If there are green stripes in the cane this symbolizes the everlasting life we have in Jesus.

Get small sheep and tie fishing gut on them to hang themin the tree. We are all Christ's sheep whom he came to save.Also he was the lamb led to the cross for us. Jesus shared his first home with cattle and possibly goats. Why not hang a few of these too?

Angels were the messengers to Mary, Joseph and the Shepard's. Get your children to make their own angels to hang inthe tree?

The star of Bethlehem lead the wise men to baby Jesus.Hang several stars - both big and small - in the tree.

Gifts were brought to the baby. Wrap small boxes in gaywrapping paper to add color and variety to your tree.

Christ came to earth to die for us so we could have eternallife. Make a few crosses from twigs of wood and add themto your tree.

To top it all - place a star, angel or gold crown at the top ofyour tree.

Still have space? Then think of other items like a small bible,manger, camels, donkey, purple streamers indicating royalty,etc. Ask your children for their ideas too. They may just surprise you with their insight.

About the author:MissTy (Tania Collins) A single mom to 2 red-heads (8 & 5yrs). To support them she has 2 infant websites growing at TotalBaby Guide and TotalBabyGuide. Why 2 sites? Check her blog to see.

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