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About Us

Our group, Useful Strategy Research, has been engaged in research for a long time; both online and offline. Collectively, we have advanced degrees in the sciences, in English and literature.

One of our research interests is looking for useful marketing strategies for complete beginners to have an active presence in theinternet. Also to have it done quickly.

Among various business and marketing models, we look at those which are accessible, effective and suitable to which groups of stakeholders.

We look at various information products of value to beginners and how to promote them.

We look for ways on how to effectively make a living out of internet work, with passion.

We would like to reach out to more people and convince them to do online marketing at their own manageable pace.

Our group designs simple online marketing experiments to come up with useful strategies for complete and hesitant beginners to start internet marketing sooner - not later. This is where we can do something for you since the internet space is filled with all sorts of products, all promising to money online for you instantly.

We are offering and promoting our services to those of you who could make use of our talents and skills. You'll discover our rates are very reasonable.

Contact Us

For inquiries,please contact Albert  at 

               +63 63 221 5129 
                28 San Miguel
                Iligan City, 9200 Philippines

Our Mission and Vision

Our vision is to engage as many people as possible to begin internet marketing soonest and most confidently. How to do this? This means taking the first crucial steps correctly: create their own web site professionally, find the best web host and drive free traffic to their site - thus making money online quickly, for the long term, in the right way.

We see an increasing usage of internet worldwide with time and with it a continuing evolution of how internet business and communications are used by all people. Our mission is to find a long term, fail-proof online marketing system; useful strategies allowing internet marketing beginners to market their products or services online more effectively to a wider number of people.

Disclaimer - A Friendly Reminder 

The contents ofthis site are presented for informational purposes only.Each page is neither intended nor offered as legal, financial or psychologicaladvice. They are offered in good faith as the personal experiences of peoplewho have found techniques and approaches that apparently work well for them. Please carry out due diligence and consult with your own trusted professional consultants (of whatever type) before putting into practice any of the suggestions presented here. This paragraph is to be taken as a standard disclaimerof responsibilityin the event that you do fail to exercise due care and judgment in running your affairs and your life. 

To put it in plainer language: you gotta use good judgment when you're learning to use new ideas - any new ideas - and it's your responsibility, not thato f the person you're learning from. Have a nice day everyone! 

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