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Viral Marketing Examples

Viral marketing started with e-mail. That was a long time ago. Since that time, viral marketing now works on different fronts because of the rapid growth of internet marketing. A few examples of viral marketing models are described below.

1. E-mail viral marketing is still around and it still works. It will always work because this is the basic form of internet communication that everyone uses. Except that now it's effectiveness is being limited by the existence of scams and other malfeasance. But definitely viral email marketing will be here to stay.

2. Newslettersare a long version of emails and has been to be very effective tool in internet marketing. A good newsletter containing valuable, relevant information to users can drive up a great number of visitors to your website because it can be passed to any other person easily.

3. The blogging platform provide tools on your website that enable other bloggers to interact with other bloggers in a simple way. Word about a new product or service gets blogged and then the message is received by another blogger who in turn write about it in a blog post which is again received and commented to by another. So the message goes around in a viral loop.

4. By its very nature, the tell-a-friend script is a viral tool that can multiply exponentially if passed to people who have bigger network circles. Using the tell-a-friend-script is a great tool used by internet marketers to increase their email lists and or their sales with an exponential growth.

5. Writing and distributing e-books to people which give them the right to distribute them freely to other people is another powerful viral marketing strategy. Especially those which have rebranding rights that will allow them to profit from the viral e-ebooks when distributed in the internet.

Other examples of digital products which can be made viral abound. Everything else, that is your efforts, depend on how much free traffic to your website you want to achieve.

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