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Inside Twitter, there are a few great ways to build your followers.  Creating great tweets can build your following. Or even by just following other tweeterers can increase your twitter followers. This is because some are just programmed to follow those who follow them.

However, if you’re really serious in the follower department, you may need to take your game off the Twitter site.

Below are a few off-Twitter strategies you can use to promote your Twitter URL in order to boost your follower count.

First, in the emails you’re sending to your subscriber list, include your Twitter URL in the footer. This only takes a second of your time yet it can make a huge difference.  Business contacts who participate in Twitter are likely to follow you and others may do likewise.

Second, if your participate in any forums, make sure you include your Twitter URL in your forum signatures. Add also that URL to your profile.

Third, be certain that you’re indicating your Twitter involvement on all of your other Web properties.  That means you need to have your badge up on your blog and on all your static sites.

The more you can do to spread the word, the better.  If you want to maximize your twitter follower potential, take advantage of  every opportunity that is available to you.

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