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Get started! Itís time for you to make your mark on Twitter. Join in, become part of the conversation.

People are making sales every day with Twitter. People are building friendships and business partnerships. They are asking questions, finding answers, gaining insight and profiting from that growing pool of Tweets.

Where else can you make your name, abilities and skills so well known so quickly?

Where else can you make connections with experts in your field and people who have something valuable to offer you?

Where else can you engage in free market research and become part of a living community that happens to be part of your businessí target demographic?

Where else can you immediately ask questions and expect prompt, meaningful responses from those in the know? Where else can you develop a ďfan clubĒ thatís going to be interested in your products and services--people who will follow your links when you share them?

Where else can you find a simple and fast online opportunity to exchange ideas, thoughts and even jokes with a diverse global population in real time?

Twitter is and all of these and itís growing every day at a lightning fast pace. Come. Join in!

-Lisa Bacala

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