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Use Twitter in combination with other networking sites

By Lisa Bacala

I know we all like to focus on Twitter because of its simplicity. However, it is important to use Twitter in combination with other social networking sites. You want to be able to connect with your Twitter friends should something bad happen and the site go down, right? Here are three sites that you can use in conjunction with Twitter to market your business.

1. Twitter + Utterli = Stay connected with your tweeps when you are away from a computer. Utterli is an utterly awesome tool in my opinion. You don't have to have fancy equipment to post to Twitter if you have utterli. Utterli has a feature that allows you to record audio posts right from your phone. This can come in really handy if you are attending a tweetup and you want to let your tweeps know that you are at the designated location. Utterli also cross posts to a lot of different networks too. The neat thing about utterli's cross posting feature is your friends don't even have to join utterli for you to talk to them. It's nice if they do join you on utterli. This way if Twitter is down for whatever reason, you can still get in touch with that person.

2. Another good tool to use in conjunction with Twitter is skype. Skype is a service that allows you to make phone calls from your computer. You can also use skype to chat. Skype is great when you and a tweep are holding a conversation that requires more than 140 characters to do it justice. Skype is also good to use if you are discussing something private that you really don't want the whole Twitterverse to know about.

3. You can also use Facebook in conjunction with Twitter. It's important to connect with your Twitter friends on Facebook because some people are more comfortable with Facebook than they are with Twitter. Facebook also allows you to build a deeper one on one connection with your Twitter friends because they have all of those applications and games.

A whole different article could be written about all of the different Facebook applications and how they can help your business. That's beyond the scope of this article. Just be sure to invite your Twitter friends to friend you on Facebook (hey I didn't make it up, they did) and you'll have an additional way to contact them.

Twitter in and of itself is an excellent place to network and grow your business. However, it is important not to get too comfortable on any one social networking site. You don't want your business to sit at a standstill because someone decided to close down your favorite social media site.

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