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Success Strategies for Real Internet Marketing Beginners

Internet Marketing: Create your Website Today and for the Long Term

Now there are certainly good arguments against a hasty website opening. But if you really want to learn the foundations better, having a website now than later is a useful and better strategy. Christopher Heng tells us about his biggest website regrets; and the first on his list is not getting a domain name earlier. You should read Christopher Heng's tips so you can learn from his mistakes to avoid making the same mistakes he did.

Definitely the first step is to choose your domain name and have it registered. A domain name is the internet address of a particular web site. "" is one example of a domain name. This name is owned by nobody else except us.

Do you need to spend for a domain name?

The advantages of having your own domain name are just too many to be stated here. The domain name is like having the title deed to your website; owned by nobody else except you. Like having your own business headquarters, having a domain name is the first step to making money online, steadily for the long term.

It is costly not to have your own domain name. Without it, you may lose the potential to generate online income by participating in affiliate programs since most require having your own domain name. Having your own website with your own domain name entitles you to do internet marketing right away by joining affiliate programs online.

It is best to choose a domain name that describes what your website is all about. For instance, "" or "" is the best choice if you are selling bicycles.

But since there are more than a hundred million of web sites already in existence, most likely your chosen domain name is already taken by somebody else, if it consists of one or two words only.

A useful strategy is to choose that name which is easy to remember; without the hyphens and without abbreviations and numbers unless absolutely necessary. A keyword research tool will also come out handy in choosing your strategic domain name. Your domain name can match not only to the product or service you offer but should as well match with the keywords that website visitors type on google, for instance, when searching for information on the internet. Consult either the Wordtracker keyword suggestion tool or the Google Keyword Tool which are both free to use.

Having the extension ".com" is considered the "gold standard" for an online business domain name.

Where to register your domain name

If you are a complete beginner it maybe better to register your first domain name with your chosen web host. Finding the best webhost for your website is one useful strategy a beginner in internet marketing should not overlook. It is important to have your website up and running in the shortest time possible and most reliably so. Just by spending less than 10 dollars a month already enables you to have a business plan hosting which can host multiple of websites with individual domain names, among other things. Check among the best webhosting plan available so you can appreciate the features of the right webhost that you want your website to reside for long term.

A useful strategy in order to attain a long-term sustainability of your online business is to invest some amount of money, maybe even a few hundred dollars to start online marketing as soon as possible. And a good part of this sum of money should go to your choice of the best webhost.

You can indeed have your domain name and webhosting for free. But if you are serious of doing long-term online marketing, then consider spending some of money. Sustainability has something to do with exchange of "energy" - a universal law of nature. Applied to internet marketing, this means, you cannot have much without giving something. Indeed, the most successful online entrepreneurs talks about this universal law when talking about their success.

Clearly, your choice of webhosting has a lot to do with the quality of your internet marketing presence. The article entitled "Best Webhosting" summarizes all these for you. Better yet, check out our great webhost, hostgator to find for yourself their best webhosting plans for a very affordable price.

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