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Success Strategies for Real Internet Marketing Beginners

How to write articles for free traffic

How to write compelling, informative and professional articles that can grab people's initial interest and hold it towards finally clicking your resource box to learn more of your product or service?

A useful strategy in writing this kind of articles is to follow a set of rules or formula which is straightforward and easy to follow even for a high school student.

The first key is to determine the purpose of your article. It may be that the purpose of your article is to offer a solution to a problem your reader has. Armed with this knowledge you can create a compelling article heading that will immediately grab your readers' attention.

Make your article interesting and informative. Offer practical solutions to the problem your reading is facing. You can suggest 3 to 5 easy steps to solve the problem or to make the current situation better.

Make your article short and straight to the point. In 500 to 700 words, you can make your article comprehensive yet interesting enough to hold your readers' attention. Besides article directories or article ezines increasingly prefer articles not exceeding a page long.

End your article with a paragraph summarizing your main points then offer a positive outlook for your readers by emphasizing the benefits they will derive in following your suggestions.

Finally, create a compelling resources box that includes your full name, a bit about yourself your url or contact information and why your readers should visit your site. That is, you may include a statement about what bonus they will find by just visiting your website.

By following these useful strategies, you can produce articles which are clear, easy-to-understand yet professional enough. The quality and depth of your articles will give a good impression of your ideas and will convince your readers to click your resource box and come visit your website.

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