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Email Marketing With an Opt-in List

The importance and effectiveness of email marketing is now widely realized and actualized. Many online businesses now market their products direct to their customers through bulk email marketing campaigns. Emails reach their target customers quickly and directly and this brings benefits to both customers and business owners alike. Various email marketing tools and services have become available so that internet business companies can engage in direct, cheap email marketing solutions. Since online readers are always hungry for information, they often subscribe to online newsletters and magazines to keep up with what's new. Hence email marketing has been used in order to maintain contact with the customers and this method has been very effective.

On the other hand, not all people are willing to subscribe to such information. They may be interested on your products once but may no longer be interested to buy again. Hence buying an email marketing list is not really a good idea. Moreover, when you continue to send those emails that do not have their permissions, you can be accused of spamming.

Email marketing solution without spamming

Today, spamming is treated as a serious offense especially in the world of information technology. Since spams have proliferated, most authorities regard the privacy of each person as valuable and they continue to uphold this ideal even on the world wide web.

With spamming, email marketing became a disgraceful activity in the Internet. Upholding the right to privacy of your website visitors is one important requirement in online businesses today. This is usually met with the creation of an opt-in list. With an opt in list, online businesses can continue to boost their businesses through email marketing ethically and without being accused of spamming.

What is an opt in list? Opt in or opt-in list refers to the list of email addresses of people who have agreed to subscribe to your mailing list. With your subscribers' tacit agreement, you can freely send them emails that entail promotions, brochures, new product announcements, and every aspect of your marketing campaign. This is also called permission email marketing.

Single opt-in or confirmed opt-in list

In building an opt in list, there are two types to be considered. The first one is the single opt-in and the other one is the double opt-in or the confirmed opt-in.

In building single opt-in list, online businesses would simply use a “sign-up tag” in their web sites so that every time a person visits their website, he or she can opt to subscribe in the business’ email list.

On the other hand, a confirmed opt-in list or double opt-in list entails a confirmation message after the customer had subscribed to the particular web site’s email list.

Usually, the confirmation takes place by replying on a system-generated message that asks for a confirmation of the subscription or by clicking on a link that gives the confirmation of the customer.

The industry-standard opt in list is one where the subscriber is given the option to opt out or be deleted from the email list anytime . With every email a subscriber receives, he or she is given the right to discontinue receiving your email promotions in the future by just clicking this option.

Email marketing tools and software now exists such that website visitors will give you their permission to be sent email promotions and you will not be accused of spamming. In building a legitimate and succesful email marketing campaign the use of opt-in list is one effective strategy. The next step though is grabbing the attention of your email subscribers everytime they receive the email promotions you are sending them.

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