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Online Resell Rights Products and Licenses: Terms and Conditions

In order to market products instantly and legitimately on the internet, you should keep note of the various rights and terms and conditions of license you will get once you purchase a product with resell rights. These terms about resell rights apply both to physical and digital products. For digital products, it is cheaper and more convenient since these can just be downloaded from your website without the bother of handling and shipping the product to your customers.

Resell Rights

The right to resell a product. You can resell the product and keep 100% of the profits. But the customer who buys it from you will have no right nor the license to resell the product to others.

Basic Resell Rights

This is the same as resell rights. You have the right to resell the product and keep 100% of the profits but your customer does not have the right to resell it to another.

Master Resell Rights

As in basic resell rights, you have the right to resell the product. In addition you can sell the basic resell rights to your customers. That means, your customers can in turn resell the same ebook or software or whatever product to their customers. The Master Resell Rights can either be bundled together with the purchase of the product or purchased separately from the product. Usually, products will master resell rights will cost you more to buy that one with just basic resell rights.

Private Label Rights

Perhaps this one gives you the widest possible rights and license. Private label rights allow you to edit or revise the product in any way you like. You can change any specific or all parts of the product such as inserting your own name, logo, advertisements, web site URL, and affiliate IDs.

Give Away Rights

This means you can the product away for free. In some cases, you cannot resell or edit it or revise it in any way. But some product owners allow you to do anything on the product as well. This is the best product to give away for free to entice your visitors to sign on your optin list.

Royalty Rights

Usually this applies to physical products which you have to reproduce in order to sell them to others. And apart from the money you spend to buy the product, you will also have to pay the author or franchiser a certain percentage of every sale you make. Real world businesses like franchising McDonald's and physical books found in bookstores are normally governed by royalty rights.

Re-Branding Rights

This usually pertains to digital products, like software. Re-branding rights allow you to make limited editing to certain parts of the digital product that you bought. You can put your own name, web site URL and affiliate IDs before you resell the product to your customers. How do you make money online from the products with these rights? Obviously the answer is quite easy because you have earned the rights and license to resell these products. On top of that you can also apply additional strategies like repackaging the products or add bonuses to your products so that these will be attractive to buyers. Or you may want to start a vast collection of products will resell rights or master resell rights and start you own membership web site.

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